Client: Cellsense

Project Duration:  November 2023 ~
Cellsense utilizes algae and regenerated cellulose to develop interactive embellishments that create new possibilities for designers while eliminating microplastics and unethical labor practices. By encapsulating green fluorescent protein derived from the Aequorea Victoria jellyfish, our embellishments exhibit bioluminescence. This bioluminescent visual effect fosters a unique bond between consumers and the beads, portraying the material as a living entity rather than disposable commodity.

Also, to address labor issues in the embroidery industry, Cellsense developed a hydrophobic 3D-printed bead loom and an automated pipetting system that significantly reducing production time, cost, and manual labor. Additionally, by utilizing the biochemical charges associated with cellulose fibers, Cellsense align them around 3D anodes, creating a batch of bio -embellishments in under 5 minutes; demonstrating economi
c scalability of a biological material for global impact.

Our Branding Direction.

Cellsense addresses microplastic waste, and toxic chemical issues with new technology. This warm-hearted and cold-headed brand is the result of incredible devotion, passion, and persistence from the founder, Aradhita Parasrampuria. She began as a fashion designer but also incorporated biotechnology into her works through extensive research and experiments.  As a result, Cellsense not only has innovative technology but deeply understands the fashion industry's problems and delicately handles them by incorporating biotechnology.

We wanted to feature Cellsense’s noble dedication, warm sensitivity towards the world, and well-thought-out products that inspire fashion designers with high-tech interactive materials, and create visuals that speak to Cellsense’s target audiences—the fashion designers and creatives who care about the environment.


We've created a logo with a delicately-crafted custom font to communicate the noble dedication and delicate, well-thought-out nature of our products.

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